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What is a vacuum viewport? Read all about it in one article

A viewport is a window component mounted on the wall of a vacuum chamber through which various light and electromagnetic waves, such as ultraviolet, visible and infrared, can be transmitted. In vacuum applications it is often necessary to view the interior of the vacuum chamber through the window or to use it as an optical test window. KF, ISO and CF flanged windows in glass and coated materials for vacuum systems, including: quartz, Kodial borosilicate glass, sapphire and other precious materials.

Depending on the type of seal, the viewports in vacuum equipment can be divided into detachable and non-detachable types.

The detachable connection type is generally used for high and low vacuum systems. For low vacuum requirements, transparent Plexiglas panels can be used instead of glass panels.

The non-detachable type is generally used in ultra-high vacuum systems. It is generally required to withstand high temperature baking of 300℃ to 450℃. Mismatched sealing of oxygen-free high conductivity copper and glass or matched sealing of frangible and glass is used.

Optical glass or quartz glass will be used for the viewport that transmits light. The following are some of the commonly used materials for optical viewports.


For viewport used on some high or low temperature equipment, the temperature use range of the sealing structure should also be considered.


In addition to the above quartz glass viewport, we can also supply borosilicate glass viewport, sapphire viewport and K9 glass viewport.

Post time: Sep-02-2022