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Customized Turbo Pump Unit

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EVT series high vacuum exhaust unit is an ultra-high vacuum acquisition equipment composed of EV series composite turbo pump, front mechanical pump, unit control power supply, high vacuum composite vacuum gauge, ultra-high vacuum plate valve, pre-pumping angle valve and so on. Easy to install, simple to operate, reliable performance. It can be widely used in semiconductor equipment, electric vacuum devices, accelerators, surface analysis, plasma and other vacuum technology.

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Working principle

Turbo Pump Unit (2)

The gas circuit scheme of the molecular pump, as shown in the above figure, is generally used in the test of molecular pump performance or various scientific detection equipment, and is characterized in that the vacuum chamber facilities and the materials are relatively fixed, and the vacuum chamber is not required to be frequently opened for indoor operation. If the front stage uses the rotary blade mechanical pump of the oil medium, the air release valve shall be installed. The partition vent valve must be interlocked with the forepump to ensure that the oil vapor and even the oil will not be drawn into the molecular pump after the mechanical pump is powered off. Some rotary-blade mechanical pumps have self-contained air-release valves to avoid long-term use, and the foreline pipes are all over the oil and the pollution is serious.

Technical indicators

1.The unit is a movable trolley structure, which can meet the needs of the exhaust at different positions

2.The vacuum degree of the equipment is better than 8×10-4pa after the molecular pump is started up to 400HZ, better than 5×10-5pa within 30 minutes, and the ultimate vacuum is 8×10-7pa.

3.The unit is equipped with a pre-exhaust system, which can realize the replacement, pre-vacuum and high vacuum exhaust flow without stopping the molecular pump, which shortens the exhaust time and effectively improves the working efficiency.

Turbo Pump Unit (2)

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